Differences between raw pu-erh and cooked

  • Author Allen Yu
  • Published February 10, 2020
  • Word count 445

The distance between raw Pu-erh and cooked is not just a huge distance. Between the two, there is a great difference in appearance, taste and efficacy. Let ’s take a look together.

Very different appearance colors

Raw tea and tea cakes are mainly green and dark green, and some of them turn yellow-red, and white is bud head.

The color of cooked tea cakes is black or reddish brown, and some bud teas are dark golden-yellow, with a strong odour, similar to musty, those with light fermentation have longan-like flavors, and those with heavy fermentation have a moist straw mat.

Very different taste.

Raw tea has a strong taste, full of tea, and rich tea flavor. The tea soup is fragrant, bitter and astringent.

But good tea is bitter and can be sweet, and astringent can be healthy. If there is always a bitter taste in the mouth, the quality of this tea is definitely not good or it is not Puer tea at all. The raw tea flavor is refreshing and sweet, and the mouth is smooth.

The cooked tea is thick and sweet and hardly bitter (except for half-cooked ones). It has a pile of taste and a little watery taste. Inferior cooked tea has a strong ripe taste and off-flavor. Over time, the ripe taste will gradually fade away, and the taste will be dry, and there is no obvious return to Gan Shengjin.

Different soup color leaves.

What is raw tea? Fierce! After brewing, the bottom of the raw tea leaves is soft, fresh, stretchy and vital! Even if you store antique tea for a long time, you can feel its vitality, vitality and natural charm. The soup color of raw tea is clear, bright, transparent and clear.

Cooked tea is different. After brewing, the bottom of the leaves is dry and dark, and there is no such vitality. If the old tea is severely watery, the bottom of the leaves is moldy like cloth residue. Inferior cooked tea soup is dark, cloudy, and even black.

Great difference in efficacy.

The content of tea polyphenols is very high, it is a good drink to prevent cancer. Drinking Sheng Pu during the day is very refreshing, has a clear sense of physical and mental cleansing, and the vascular thinning is obvious. But it is not recommended to drink too much, it is easy to hurt the stomach.

Has a significant weight loss effect! After being mildly fermented, Shupu has a large number of strains that are beneficial to the human body. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, cooked food is basically warm, which is the most suitable tea for women.