June 2019

Wedding Cakes – Advice on Getting the Best Cake You Can Afford

Author Jade Reilly Published September 25, 2011 Word count 506 View author’s other articles Wedding cakes are a fundamental element of any wedding theme, and therefore, must be handled perfectly. The colours, shape and flavors that you are interested in for the wedding cake must reflect the entire concept and idea that you are thinking …

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What to have for Dinner

Author Anselm Anyoha Published October 18, 2019 Word count 921 View author’s other articles My previous article “What to have for lunch,” attracted many readers. Since dinner comes after lunch, I also wanted to talk about what to have dinner. Dieticians and clinicians always tell people what not to eat, but often do not tell …

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Bagel Sliced Bread

Author Rasel Mia Published December 17, 2019 Word count 877 View author’s other articles The Fuss Over Bagel Sliced Bread Should bagels be sliced like sliced bread? Here are the opposing views. When Netizens agree to disagree, and especially so when they outright disagree, the results can be amusing and frustrating, often showing the world …

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